Ministry of Justice launches consultation on Ogden rate

California comp rating bureau recommends six. 7% rate hike

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California is recommending that the California Division of Insurance adopt a six. 7% increase in the state’s genuine premium workers compensation rate. As expected, San Francisco-based WCIRB submitted a pure […] Continue Reading…

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Truck Insurance-Maintaining Cargo Securite

When it comes to owning commercial trucks, one thing that is very important for any company is making sure that the cargo is secure. This does not just include the possibility of damage as a result of bad stacking or placement, but also means preventing that cargo from being […] Continue Reading…

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Dog insurance

If you have or known someone who has a dog which has gotten injured then you probably already know just how expensive visiting the veterinarian for these kinds of accidents can be. Of course visiting the vet on a regular basis can also add up and while most people […] Continue Reading…

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Calif. limits workers comp claims by out-of-state professional athletes

PwC’s HRI releases new report upon retail health insurance

Ca drivers of Georgia trucking company deemed employees: Court

A Georgia transportation company should have classified its Ca drivers as employees rather than independent contractors, the 9th U. S i9000. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in a case that is contemplating whether an employer improperly charged the drivers for workers […] Continue Reading…

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Truck Insurance Quote-How To Save Some Money

One thing many business do not realize is that they could be potentially paying way too much for their commercial truck insurance. You would be amazed as to how much when you go around and get various commercial vehicle insurance quotes from both independent insurance brokers as well as […] Continue Reading…

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Ny governor introduces employees compensation reconstructs

Workers compensation reforms introduced through Ny Gov. Andrew Cuomo include plans to assist the state’s employers by selling bonds in order to finance claims costs left by about 30 failed group self-insured believes. The particular announcement came Wednesday as part of the […] Continue Reading…

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Sign up for Business Insurance’s Workers Comp & Security Virtual Conference

From opioid management to keeping an aging workforce secure and healthy, industry experts will recommend attendees on strategies and methods to control their workers compensation costs during Business Insurance plan ‘s fifth annual Workmans compensation […] Continue Reading…

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